Flexible NoSQL hotness. With search.

Welcome to ThriftDB

ThriftDB is a document-oriented datastore with search built-in.

ThriftDB is built on top of the Thrift serialization protocol. Using ThriftDB, you can add/delete/modify attributes on the fly without any downtime. You can also perform full-text searches or faceted queries across items. ThriftDB is flexible, highly scalable, and extremely fast.

Currently, ThriftDB is offered as a hosted service at api.thriftdb.com but we are working on a way for developers to run ThriftDB locally.

Get started with ThriftDB right away:

Step 1: Create a bucket

$ curl -X PUT "http://api.thriftdb.com/test_bucket"

Step 2: Create a collection (using schema.json)

$ curl -d @schema.json -X PUT "http://api.thriftdb.com/test_bucket/cars"

Step 3: Add some data items (using data.json)

$ curl -d @data.json -X POST "http://api.thriftdb.com/test_bucket/cars/_bulk/put_multi"

Step 4: Do some searches!