Flexible NoSQL hotness. With search.

About Us

ThriftDB is a document-oriented datastore with search built-in. ThriftDB was built by three physics grad students who were tired of building custom search solutions for all of their software projects. If you would like to see an example of ThriftDB in action, checkout Hacker News Search and the Octopart electronic part search engine.

Beta period

ThriftDB is currently in private beta. If you would like to use ThriftDB for your website or application, you can sign up for our beta program by clicking here.

We like hearing from you

Please send all emails, flowers, hate mail, love mail and pictures to us via email at contact@thriftdb.com. We respond to every email.

Special Thanks

ThriftDB is built on top of some incredible open source tools including Python, Pylons, Apache, Solr, Redis, MySQL, and of course Thrift. Special Thank you to Facebook and the Apache Software Foundation for incubating Thrift.