Flexible NoSQL hotness. With search.

1. Introduction

ThriftDB is a document-oriented datastore with ad-hoc search built-in. To use ThriftDB, a developer only needs to define a schema and then upload data items to ThriftDB using its REST API. ThriftDB then automatically builds and manages a search index that the developer can query via simple web requests.

What makes ThriftDB unique is that it is built on top of the Thrift serialization protocol. ThriftDB uses Thrift internally to maintain an extremely flexible schema that enables developers to add/delete/modify attributes on the fly without any downtime. ThriftDB also uses Thrift to allow developers to define rich schemas with nested structures and other useful datatypes.

Another unique feature of ThriftDB is that it has ad-hoc search built-in. Using ThriftDB, developers can upload data items and search across them using an intuitive REST API. ThriftDB provides essential full-text search features out-of-the-box and provides easy access to advanced search features such as filtering, faceting, and highlighting.

Currently, ThriftDB is offered as a hosted service at api.thriftdb.com but we are working on a way for developers to run ThriftDB locally.

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